Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Chinese Proverb
Our Plan and Tactics.
Plan. Simplicity itself. People who care will register with restoretruedemocracy by furnishing us with - using their favoured eMail address - their Electoral Constituency (Clare, Laois/Offaly, Cork South-Central etc.), Date of Birth and PPS No. We have categorically no interest in knowing your political allegiances - in fact, we insist that we not be told. We wish to make it very clear that we will only use the PPS no. to allow us to ensure that people only register once. The combination of PPS no and D.o.B. is unique and validity-verifiable. We also want to stipulate that we are private, non-aligned politically and will not furnish the database to any other party. We appreciate that this may make some people feel most uncomfortable, but to put our polls above reproach, we must be able to demonstrate that the voting is not ‘rigged’. This is the only way we can do this. We believe that we will very quickly be forced to ‘go public’, thus proving our total independence, but we believe that this will only serve to show that it’s working! People less than a century ago died so we could have our say: giving us these details to prove our integrity is a very small sacrifice to regain this franchise! We will maintain a database of these details - not on the Web to prevent hacking - and this will be used to count the number of “Voters” in each Constituency. The site will update this count regularly, showing the CSO figures for each electorate, and the number of our Members. This will give each TD in that Constituency a feel for the strength of opinion in each “Instruction”. We will regularly - of our own invention or as suggested by you - propose a motion to be raised in the Dáil. We will also facilitate voting on upcoming House motions. For example, we may propose that the Penalty Points Scandal be investigated. This will be voted on by a simple Yes/Agree OR No/Disagree eMail from Members. Then, each Constituency’s TD’s will be shown the vote, including the relevant counts, and instructed to vote with the wishes of their Electorate. Where the Constituency has a Minister, he will also be requested to propose the Motion. This vote will probably be in defiance of the Party Whip, but this brings us back to the question “Who did I elect as My Representative” - to which there is really only one answer. As you can see, the greater the number of votes cast, the more powerful will be the impact. Tactics. These votes will be counted for compliance - and non-attendance for the vote will be taken to be defiance - and each TD’s “Report Card” will be regularly posted on the Site. Furthermore, each TD will get a report outlining his performance. That’s it, really. Well, that’s our bit. This is where the people take over. At the next election - Local or National - the people must make a statement to the TD’s who have blatantly defied the wishes of their constituents. This should at best be to fail to re-elect them, or at least make a very obvious statement (at the doorstep) that they’ve been warned. Summation. If the voters of this Still-Potentially-Great country of ours continue to elect these people who lie to us, who put self- interest above the Common Good (Treason?), who remain disconnected from the real world we live in and who obviously believe that their duty to us ends when they’ve convinced us to vote for them, then we deserve all that they will continue to do to us. But, remember this: Our Children and Grandchildren did nothing to deserve the hardship they’re facing. We can hardly reverse what’s happened, but we can ensure that Dáil Éireann are very aware that they will not be allowed to so casually spite our wishes and ruin our lives again, or to exacerbate the current austerity.
Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. Mark Twain
The Politicians Prayer.