Home Page of the New Revolution. The Restore True Democracy Movement This is the Home of the New Revolution. Not one founded in physical violence, but rather a Revolution to a New Democracy. This revolution has at it’s heart the aims of the many Revolutionaries active in living memory: Michael Collins, Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela et al. Of course, we do not advocate the extreme measures that our anti-heroes took. We do, however, believe that drastic measures need to be taken to return power to those who should have it: the People - this is the very Foundation of Democracy. And before anyone suggests, we are not Marxist. The only idealogy we support is Fairness. And possibly Democracy embedded with Meritocracy! And when it comes to weaponry, we believe that we have at our disposal something far more powerful than any old weaponry - the Internet. Recent political activity, not just here in Ireland, has convinced us that the problem does not lie with “The System”. It lies mainly with the corrupt shysters - and the cowardly sheep who facilitate their shenanigans - who inhabit that system, and more specifically, the problem that is the Party System. In simple terms, why should the Party apparatus dictate - for example - that T.D’s representing Waterford have to vote against what they know to be the express wishes of the people who elected them, especially when it is to waste €2.5 Billion on Metro North (only deferred, by the way...), which will only benefit a small proportion of the 25% of the Irish population living in Dublin? Visit our other pages to see What prompted this action, Our Manifesto, How we hope to facilitate you to reclaim your Power, and How you can join & participate.
People must never be subservient to their Government: Governments must always be subservient to their People. Philip McAlpine.