People with an ability to think logically always saw the inherent probability of failure in the type of Property Development-founded growth strategy as typified in the so-called “Celtic Tiger”. In Ireland’s case, this was based in pandering to the wealthy vested interests with influence in Leinster House - the Ballybrit Tent, for one. Morally, how could anyone believe that to reduce Taxation on the wealthy - for example Section 23 - at the expense of normal PAYE workers was fair? Or sustainable? Those of us who spoke out about these dangers were informed by that massively-altruistic public servant (We are also fond of irony!) Bertie Ahern that we “should kill ourselves”. It always struck us as totally unsustainable where inflated development opportunity costs leading to inflated property costs, leading to more-inflated development opportunity costs leading to even-more inflated... you get the idea. All this was fuelled by a greedy, self-serving and powerful Banking sector, who were - either by carelessness or corruption - hopelessly under-regulated, and patently never even had proper Government oversight. (As an aside, this author was told circa. 1960 that 95% of Irelands wealth was in the hands of 15% of the population. What sustains this is the futile belief that You Too can be part of what is now 3%!) From the Arms Trial, through the Beef Tribunal and on to the Moriarty and Mahon Tribunals (and others) those with eyes to see had realised that we had a frighteningly large number of corrupt, self-serving power-hungry politicians - at all levels and Parties - making hay in an outdated, flawed political structure. I personally was always fascinated by the concept of the “Rotten Buroughs”, an ancient flaw in the British parliamentary system on which most western democracies are largely based. I thought it’s corrupt practices had died out - the last 25 years has convinced me otherwise, but today replace the word ‘Burrough’ with ‘Party’. Which brings us to today. Some people have decided that the answer is a new party. While this is a very honourable and well-meaning plan, until they achieve the Dictatorship-level of power that FF achieved, they will be forced to play the political trade-off game: essentially negating any hope they might have to bring real change to the system - which is where the faults all lie. Presently, for any lesser party to get any of their aims or policies through - whether it is in Local or National Government - support will only come with the demand of a “Quid-Pro-Quo” support deal for the other groups proposition. It takes no level of genius at all to realise that this simply perpetuates the power base of the larger parties. And why should we need another party to indict the “Deutschland Uber Alles” thugs in Anglo? We believe that the answer is simple: force your elected representatives to vote as the majority of their electorate wishes (i.e. Democracy!). Then - and this is paramount - when it becomes obvious from this organisations “Term Reports” that they have blatantly chosen to ignore your wishes (usually for the sake of their career, position or importance within the Party), they must not ever again be chosen to be your representative! This will probably not happen immediately, but eventually the Parish Pump Politics - you know, the crap that got us into this sorry state - will be replaced by a sense of apprehension as to what will happen to those who ignore their Employers - i.e. Us! We feel that the first Elected Representative who loses his seat as a direct consequence of defying your instructions will cause a ripple effect that will at least make them think twice before shunning you again.
The last person you should grant power to is the person who seeks it. Douglas Adams. (abridged from ‘HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy’)